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Shiva Amvaj Analog Minute Timer offers small size, accuracy, and security lock (to prevent unauthorized access and tempering).

Shiva Amvaj StairWay Timer it is possible to control luminance of stairways,parkinglo t,yard,small depots and generally places that 

Shiva Amvaj Restart Timer is a sure protection and safety solution for electricity reconnects.The output relay connects within 1 second.

Shiva Amvaj Analog Second Timer features small size, accurate and stable repetition and a security lock ).It acts as a connect delay timer.

Shiva Amvaj Time Switch features 50 configurable programs. Each program has daily, weekly, and monthly power on/off timers

Shiva Amvaj Multi Timer is designed in a small size with high accuracy and  stability in repitation and panel security lock.

Shiva Amvaj Left-Right Timer offers adjustable time durations for CW,CCW and delay time between CCW and CW rotations.

Shiva Amvaj Star Delta Timer is a suitable starter for squirrel-cage rotor motor,turning star to delta.

Shiva Amvaj Super Digital Timer offers high accuracy and performance in a wide time range.Futher, it can function in flasher mode and in four timer

Shiva Amvaj Staircase Timer facilitates controlling the lighting of staircases, parkings, yards, small storage spaces, and in general places not requiring…

Shiva Amvaj Time Counter is a necessity for all industrial or house appliances. It accurately records and displays the operating hours.

shiva Amvaj Oil Circuit Breaker Timer features small size, accuracy and stability and a panel security lock.The device acts as a delay timer suited to

Digital Multi Timer offers excellent performance and centisecond accuracy, featuring two separate relays with four applications.