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Shiva Amvaj Volt Ammeter 48×96 feature socket terminals and high performance for measuring six voltage

Shiva Amvaj Super Volt Ammeter 71 measures and displays linear and phase voltages, three phases and current of each phase as well as the adjustable CT.

Shiva Amvaj Ammeter 48 x 96 features single-phase feed and measures currents between 0.01 to 6000A

Shiva Amvaj Light Signal,indicates the three phase status and takes up little space on panel like signal phase light signal indicator.


Shiva Amvaj Multi Meter 144 features large digital displays displaying six voltage parameters, six max voltage

Shiva Amvaj Super Volt Ammeter 96B, three ammeter,A voltmeter,A voltage maximeter,A voltage

Shiva Amvaj Voltmeter 96 features a beautiful design, a large display, excellent performance

Shiva Amvaj Ammeter 96 (single-phase) features a large display and measures currents from 0.01A to 6000A