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Shiva Amvaj Contactor Protector is a convenient device to protect contactors with 220V coli versus voltage increase and decrease and prevents two- phase voltage.

Shiva Amvaj 1 ph voltage protector benefits from the cutting edge technology and incorporates a microprocessor system to accurately control the interences in single-phase electric power grids.

Shiva Amvaj Single Socket Digital Voltage Protector protects home and other appliances utilizing compressor units against over/undervoltage and voltage fluctuations.

Shiva Amvaj Voltage Protector Relay 20A is placed in circuit after the electricity meter and protects all home electrical appliances against over/under voltage.Complete protection against

Shiva Amvaj Current Control-3 Relay protects against and control current. Its applications include capacitor bank controllers and current fault warning and control devices.