Shiva Amvaj Voltage Protector Relay 20A

Shiva Amvaj Voltage Protector Relay 20A is placed in circuit after the electricity meter and protects all home electrical appliances against over/under voltage.

voltage protector relay 20A          model voltage protector relay

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Feature Features

  • Complete protection against over/under voltage
  • Indicators:
    • DELAY/RELAY: relay connection and time measurement
    • OVER V: over voltage
    • UNDER V: under voltage
  • Conducting high currents without requiring external contactors
  • Can be placed after electricity meter to protect all electrical home appliances

Specification Specifications

  • Supply voltage: 170-255 VAC /50-60 Hz
  • Disconnect at:
    • Over voltage: 250V
    • Under voltage: 175V
  • Delay:
    • On delay: 180 sec
    • Of delay:1 sec
  • Operating conditions
    • Temperature: -20 to 65 o C
    • Humidity: 70%
  • Output: 20A relay