Shiva Amvaj Digital Load Monitor Relay

Shiva Amvaj Digital Load Monitor Relay controls the disruptions caused by current asymmetry and over/under current.It is suited to industrial applications and does not require a CT. the device comes in two models: the 1-60A and 0.5-15A models respective accuracies of 1A and 0.1A.

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Feature Features

  • Microprocessing unit provides complete protection for three-phase devices
  • Current control based on( I2t) curve
  • Measures current without requiring a CT and holes for current carrying wire (max 22 mm2)
  • Displays current, set values, and error warnings
  • Protection against over current, under current, and current asymmetry
  • Display:
    • Voltage
    • Operating hours (conducting current)
    • Number of current connect/disconnect times
  • Automatic reset can be enabled or disabled
  • Ten indicators:
    • OL: over current (1-60A or 0.5-15A)
    • UL: undercurrent (adjustable down to 1A below OL)
    • %A: current asymmetry (7-100%)
    • ON: connect/reset delay (0-24 sec)
    • OFF: disconnect delay for OL or %A erros (0-10 sec)
    • Normal: relay mode(blinking=disconnected/fixed=connected)</li>
    • Delay Start: Initial start time (0-120 sec)
  1. setting UL to zero disables under voltage mode.
  2. Initial start time indicates the time after relay connection and current conduction during which over current (for initial motor start) is not considered.

Specification Specifications

  • Supply voltage: 180-250 VAC /50-60 Hz
  • Accuracy:
    • Model DLF-60A: 1A
    • Model: DLF-15A: 0.1A
  • Operating conditions
    • Temperature: -20 to 65 oC
    • Humidity: 70%
  • Output: a 5A relay