Shiva Amvaj Super Digital Monitoring Relay

Shiva Amvaj Super Digital Monitoring Relay equipped with a high technologies and fully microprocessor-controlled system designed and made to control disturbances of grid’s electricity accurately in industrial centers.

Super Digital Monitoring Relay          model Super Digital Monitoring Relay

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Feature Features

  • Displaying  grid’s voltage,error and adjustment messages
  • Protection:
    • Over voltage/under voltage
    • Phase sequence and asymmetry
    • Phase loss
  •  Indicators:
    • REL: relay connect
    • F: phase loss
    • P: phase sequence
    • On Delay-Off Delay: delay for connection and disconnection
    • Over-under: voltage increase and decrease
    • Unbalance: phase asymmetry

(Note: All indicators blinking: phase and neutral inversion)

  • Adjustable protection parameters
  • Phase neutral reversal warning

Specification Specifications

  • supply voltage: 180-250 VAC /R-N/50-60 Hz
  • Input voltage: 300-500 VAC/3-H/50-60 Hz
  • Disconnection for:
    • Over voltage: 400-480V
    • Under voltage: 310-380V
    • Asymmetry: 5-25%
  • Delay:
    • On delay: 0-600 sec
    • Off delay: 0-10 sec
    • Delay start because of under voltage: 15 sec
  • Operating conditions
    • Temperature: -20 to 65 oC
    • Humidity: 70%
  • Output: two 5A relays