Shiva Amvaj Super Digital Timer Seri N

Shiva Amvaj Super Digital Timer Seri N is an accurate,highly effective timer capable of measuring a wide time range of time intervals(0.1 seconds to 999 hours). The timer may also serve as a flasher supporting 4 different mode including one-tenth of second,a second,a minute and an hour.The device can be used as a delay timer configurable for delay ON. It ‘s power supply in independent of START terminals.

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Feature Features

  • Fully microprocessor-controlled system with a high accuracy(0.1 Sec)
  • Indicators:
      • Time value
      • Function mode
      • Relay Status
  • 8 different function modes
    • Timer:
      • 0.1 Sec
      • Second
      • Minute
      • Hour
    • Flasher:
      • 0.1 Sec
      • Second
      • Minute
      • Hour
  • Setting relay status (ON or OFF) upon starting time measurement

Specification Specifications

  • Power/Start supply voltage: 180-250 VAC /T-N/50-60 Hz
  •  Operation condition:
    • Temperature: -20 to 65 oC
    • Humidity: 70%
  • Output:  5A Relay