Shiva Amvaj Contactor Protector

Shiva Amvaj Contactor Protector is a convenient device to protect contactors with 220V coli versus voltage increase and decrease and prevents two- phase voltage.

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Feature Features

  • To protect all single-phase devices and electric home appliances using suitable contactor
  • Two Indicators:
    • REL/TIME:
      • Timing (blinking)
      • Relay connection
    • FAULT: voltage increase or decrease
  • Having Standard lifting terminal

Specification Specifications

  • Supply voltage: 170-255 VAC /50-60 Hz
  • Disconnection for :
    • Voltage increase: 250V
    • Voltage decrease: 175V
  • Disconnection delay time: 1 sec
  • Connection delay time:
    •  CPJN-T1 Model: 1 sec
    •  CPJN-T180 Model: 180 sec
  • Output:  5A relay