Shiva Amvaj Staircase Timer

Shiva Amvaj Staircase Timer facilitates controlling the lighting of staircases, parking, yards, small storage spaces, and in general places not requiring permanent lighting in order to save energy.

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Feature Features

  • Saves power and increases useful life of lamps
  • Accurate timing
  • indicators:
    • AC: grid power
    • REL: relay status
  • Controls:
    • Manual (M) and automatic (A) modes
    • Time adjustment volume
  • Options
    • Mounting unlimited  push button switches
    • Closeable device panel
    • Easily mounted on rails and other surfaces
  • Small size

Specification Specifications

  • supply voltage: 180-250 VAC/50-60 Hz
  • Off delay: 1-10 min
  • Operating conditions
    • Temperature: -20 to 65 o C
    • Humidity: 70%
  • Power consumption on standby: 0 VA
  • Output: a 16A relay