Shiva Amvaj Super Digital Timer

Shiva Amvaj Super Digital Timer is an accurate,highly effective timer capable of measuring   a wide range of time intervals (0.1 seconds to 999 hours). The timer may also save as a  flasher supporting 4 different more including on tenth of a second,a minute and an hour. The device can be used as a delay timer configurable for delay ON or delay OFF. The device power supply is dependent of START terminals and receives both AC and DC powers  as input.

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Feature Features

  • High-accuracy micro processing unit (0.1 sec)
  • Display:
    • Time Value
    • Mode
    • REL: relay connection
  • Eight function modes:
    • Timer:
      • Deciseconds
      • Seconds
      • Minutes
      • Hours
    • Flasher:
      • Deciseconds
      • Seconds
      • Minutes
      • Hours
    • Adjustable relay status (on/off) at the start of timing

Specification Specifications

  • supply /start voltage:
    • Model DTB-8MA: 180-250 VAC/50-60 Hz
    • Model DTB-8MD: 12 VDC, 24 VDC
  • Operating conditions
    • Temperature: -20 to 65 o C
    • Humidity: 70%
  • Output: a 5A relay