Shiva Amvaj Time Switch

Shiva Amvaj Time Switch features 50 configurable programs. Each program has daily, weekly, and monthly power on/off timers. In daily mode, you can set the hour, minute, and second; in weekly mode, you can set the hour, minute, second, and days of the week; while in monthly mode you can set the hour, minute, second, and day of month. In daily mode you can enable or disable the active days by week or month days, while in monthly mode active days can be enabled or disabled related to of the week .

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Feature Features

  • Replaceable lithium battery lasting above 5 years
  • Backs up the date, hour, and configurations in case of power supply failure
  • Display:
    • Date, hour, and days of week
    • Errors and configuration messages
  • Four indicators for different modes
  • Options:
    • Enable/disable summer and winter clocks (daylight saving time)
    • Enable/disable programs on specific dates
    • Fifty monthly, weekly, and daily programs
    • Relay output display

Specification Specifications

    • supply voltage: 180-250 VAC/50-60 Hz
    • Operating conditions:
      • Temperature: -20 to 65 o C
      • Humidity: 70%
    • Relay output: 5A