Shiva Amvaj StairWay Timer Seri N

Shiva Amvaj StairWay Timer  it is possible to control luminance of stairways,parking lot,yard,small depots and generally places that do’nt need permanent luminance in order to save energy.

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Feature Features

  • Save energy and increases lamps’ useful life
  • Accurate at timing repeating
  • 2indictors to announce
    • AC: grid’s electricity
    • REL: relay connection
  • Equipped with:
    • Manual (M) and automatic (A) modes
    • Time adjustment volume
  • Capability
    • Install an infinite number of switches
    • Seal panel
    • Be installed on the rails and other surfaces easily
  • Small size

Specification Specifications

  • supply voltage: 180-250 VAC/50-60 Hz
  • Disconnection delay time: 1-10 min
  • Efficiency at
    • Temperature: -20 to 65 o C
    • Humidity: 70%
  • Device consumption in waiting mode: 0 
  • Output: 16A relay